The Dark Carnival

Dark-Carnival-PM-Horror-Anthology-2The long awaited DARK CARNIVAL: An Anthology of Horror is now available to purchase from Amazon. Authors from around the world have taken part in this compilation, including myself, and we owe our thanks to Pen and Muse for pulling this bad boy together. You are simply awesome in everything you do and I’m utterly thrilled you had me along for the ride.

[We] hope you enjoy this instalment and keep posted for more stories coming your way. Remember to leave a comment either here, and/or on Amazon. We’re always thrilled to hear from our readers.

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Change is not a scary word…

PhoenixRisingI’ve been absent lately, but I’ve been going through some changes. Some people see change as both good and bad – but we need to see how it pans out before we decide which. I was made redundant just before Christmas 2013. Redundant, it’s a pretty hideous word. It makes one feel unwanted, unloved, that everything you worked for has been for nothing and you’re tossed aside like a wet rag. There are some big changes happening, lots of cuts across the board – so I’m not the only one who is going through change, but that didn’t make it any less hurtful; or lessen the stress from the two-year lengthy consultation period of uncertainty followed by the inevitable. I wasn’t in a good place. My home life was bleeding and my craft was suffering. Then there was the reprieve; an opportunity for change. I’m fortunate to have landed another job through redeployment – but its something completely different. I’d been doing the same job for over sixteen years and now I’m going to be doing something else. In truth, I was a little worried about how I would adapt, but we’re built to adapt. Change is good; it opens your eyes to something you didn’t think you’d particularly engage. So when faced with change, grab the opportunity to change, Carpe Diem!

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Inspire me, Watson

The-Landscape-Nature-WallpaperYou can find a regular post from The Midnight Type entitled ‘Inspire me, Watson‘ where our alter ego selves will tell you what inspires us and hopefully inspire you (that’s the plan). This instalment is from my alter ego WERE and it won’t be of any surprise to know that nature is the one true inspiration. So go and have a read, take part in the workshop, and have some tissues handy because there is a special bonus. Don’t forget you can follow us on twitter @TheMidnightType.

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The Midnight Type

BVhvA_QIAAAQDUL.jpg-largeThe Midnight Type is a group of weird and wonderful writers who know blackness as the best kind of light. Each one will maim and entertain delivered through their alter ego. Meet the Freaks!… Vamp (Chynna-Blue Scott), Incubus (Jessie Devine), Harpy (Julie Hutchings), Jinx (Louise Gornall), Dragon (Laura Hughes), Jezebel (Kristen Strassel), and myself – Were (Ruth Shedwick). Follow the chatter on Twitter, check out the first Caption Friday and enjoy!


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The Pendour Cove Siren

mermaid_fish_horns_fantasy_art_purple_hair_sharks_artwork_anubis_long_ears_underwater_weapon_1920_Wallpaper_1440x900_www-1.wallpaperhi.comThe Pendour Cove Siren is my instalment for Dark Carnival created by Pen and Muse, the brain child of Kristen Jett and Jolene Haley. I met both Kristen and Jolene on twitter through our mutual love of horror, the paranormal and just plain freakishness and it is just awesome to meet and work with like minded writers. Plans are afoot for another showcase coming soon, stay tuned for more details.

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