The Pendour Cove Siren

mermaid_fish_horns_fantasy_art_purple_hair_sharks_artwork_anubis_long_ears_underwater_weapon_1920_Wallpaper_1440x900_www-1.wallpaperhi.comThe Pendour Cove Siren is my instalment for Dark Carnival created by Pen and Muse, the brain child of Kristen Jett and Jolene Haley. I met both Kristen and Jolene on twitter through our mutual love of horror, the paranormal and just plain freakishness and it is just awesome to meet and work with like minded writers. Plans are afoot for another showcase coming soon, stay tuned for more details.

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Blessed Samhain and a Happy New Year

wiccan_calendar_by_lesslynn-d3h1p36Samhain is a time for reflection and to honour those loved ones who have passed on. As we approach another year we ask ourselves what it is we want the Universe to grant us. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and she will answer; neglect your inner peace and you will attract only hate. What do I want? I wish only the best for my friends, family & furry companions and for the world to cease hate. Dream your dream; make it a good one!

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Dark Carnival

dark_carnival2I’m super excited to be part of Dark Carnival: Writer and Illustrator showcase organised through Pen and Muse and the very lovely Jolene Hayley who I met through The Zombie Project. Each Friday in October a new twisted and dark short story story/illustration will be uploaded for your entertainment around the theme of Carnival (hence the title). Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always found The Carnival to have a dark and sinister edge – or maybe that was being brought up watching horror films like ‘Killer Clowns from Outter Space’ and Stephen King’s ‘IT’ – you may now realise why I have a fear of clowns – they’re evil, evil I tells ya. Check out more details about Dark Carnival at Pen and Muse and which writers/illustrators have signed up.

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Red and Dead

HelicoptersPart of The Zombie Project, Red and Dead is my contribution to a collection of eighteen stories by published and unpublished authors from around the globe. I hope you enjoy reading Red and Dead and continue to follow the series watching the stories unfold. Each story takes an element from the previous – can you spot them? This isn’t a genre I’ve written before, so this was a challenge, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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The Zombie Project

Zombies RunThe Zombie Project was created by Chynna-Blue, an amazing up and coming author who loves all things that go bump in the night. With like minded authors signing up to the project the idea grew and grew and is now a collection of 18 authors ready to entertain and disturb you with their stories of the dead, or undead, or the in-between – its as mind bending as time travel! Every Sunday a new story will be uploaded, starting 30 June with Bobby Salomons and finishing on 27 October with Cat Scully. For more information go to Short Stories.

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